Teen Suicide

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Teen Suicide "What are the monstrous forces that so overwhelm teenagers that they can see no solution other than to kill themselves?" Honorable Judges, chairman, ladies and gentlemen and fellow 4-H members. This seems to be a common question to an extremely complex problem. It appears that more and more teenagers these days are attempting or committing suicide, with fewer and fewer reasons why. Some commit suicide with no warning signs at all, others show signs years in advance, which is the scary thing: very few people can sense those indications until it's too late. Although suicide cannot always be blamed on one certain problem, a lot of the suicide attempts and suicides amongst teenagers are greatly influenced by school stress, peer pressures, and to pain associated with both depression and other emotional states. Starting in elementary school, children understand that working hard in school will win their parents' approval.

For the first few years of schooling, children try very hard to achieve, thinking that their parents' love and acceptance are conditional on achievements and perfection. Yet when these children turn into teenagers, things start to change. It's a well-known fact that when you get into high school (and further into post-secondary schools), school becomes much more difficult, thus becoming a huge weight on your shoulders. I was lucky; my parents have never pressured me about getting unrealistically high grades. Some teenagers, however, feel that their parents' expectations, as well as their peers' and teachers', are overwhelming. Some parent's try desperately to live out their own fantasies through their children. Popular areas in which parents push their children to succeed are performances at school, sports, and socially. These parents try to impose their own standards and goals without even listening to their children. These teenagers find it impossible to cope...