Teenage motherhood

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America is considered as the economic giant in the world. However, as the country becomes more and more powerful, the social problem of itself appears to be more and more significantly. One of the serious issues around America would be the teenage pregnancy, and especially among African American teenager. According to "Not Our Kind Of Girl", by Professor Kaplan; it states that "the number of black households headed by single black women with children climbed from a low of 25 percent in the 1950s to 61 percent by the early 1990s. Of these families more than half have daughters who were or will become mothers during their teenage years". As a result, the large number of the teenage mothers of African American becomes a very urgent social problem that affects our community. However, the reason why teenage motherhood is perceived to a problem for African America is varies.

First of all, because of the lack of fathers or other responsible male role models, some of the children grow up to be more uncontrollable and unstable. Large number of the teenage motherhood of African American are usually single mother, which means that their children will most likely growing up without the love of their fathers. Consequently, those children will be easier to participate in drug, smoking, drinking and also some other criminal issues. Moreover, teenage mothers often raise children without any experience and a very positive lifestyle. Most of the teenage mothers are easier to drop out from school, and also they seldom receive any help from their own families or the farther of the child. As a result, they start to work on some dead end job, which provide their children with the bad environment to live with. And also some teenage mother produce different attitudes, behaviors, and...