Teenage Suicide

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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Teenage Suicide

A now approaching epidemic; Why Do Teens Die In Order To Live?


· For every two homicides in the U.S. there are three suicides. Shaffer,4)

· Every hour and forty-five minutes another young person commits suicide. (Shaffer,4)

· Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death among college students and the third-leading cause of death among youth overall (ages 15-24). (Shaffer,4)

· Teen/youth suicide rates have tripled since 1970. (Shaffer,4)

· Evidence indicates that for every suicide, there are 50 to 100 attempts at suicide. (Shaffer,4)

Due to the stigma associated with suicide, available statistics may well underestimate the problem. Nevertheless, these figures do underscore the urgent need to seek a solution to the suicide epidemic among teenagers.

"Ninety percent of adolescent suicide victims have at least one diagnosable, active psychiatric illness at the time of death most often depression, substance abuse, and conduct disorders" (Colman,8).

Only 15% of suicide victims were in treatment at the time of death. (Colman,19). Between 26% and 33% of adolescent suicide victims have made a previous suicide attempt. (Colman,19) These numbers are shocking and horrific; if teens need help with the problems; where are the parents?

"It's common for teens to think about death to some degree Teens' thinking capabilities have matured in a way that allows them to think more deeply - about their existence in the world, the meaning of life, and other profound questions and ideas. Unlike kids, teens realize that death is permanent. They may begin to consider spiritual or philosophical questions such as; what happens after people die? To some, death, and even suicide, may seem poetic (consider Romeo and Juliet, for example). To others, death may seem frightening or be a source of worry. For many, death is mysterious and...