Teenage Use of Drugs

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Good eveningI have been invited here today by the principal of the school to discuss certain issues facing teenagers in this modern world we live in,I assume most of you here have teenage children; I will make your understanding of teenagers better in just 5 minutesThere are a lot of issues facing teenagers today, such as driving, dating, alcohol, sex, obesity but today I will be speaking about Drugs.

Adolescence is typically a period of experimentation,Some common factsYoung men are more likely than young women to experiment with illegal drugs.

Marijuana is the most common illegal drug used by teenagers, with around two thirds having tried it at least once.

The harder varieties such as heroin, cocaine and ecstasy are tried or used by only a small minority of adolescents.

Teenagers who smoke and drink are more inclined to try other drugs than teenagers who go withoutThere is evidence to suggest that a teenager is more likely to smoke and drink if their parents do.

Reasons why teenagers take up drugs:its believed that teenagers turn to drugs when depressed or unhappy, but most try drugs simply for fun. Other reasons include:Socializing with friendsPeer pressure, or the need to feel part of a groupRelaxationBoredomCuriosity.

Commonly used drugsAlcohol and tobacco are the two most commonly used drugs amongst teenagers. parents are so alarmed at the thought of their children using 'harder' drugs, that smoking and drinking are considered lesser, and therefore more acceptable.

the Estimated rate of teenage drug use according to a recent Australian survey include:Alcohol - eight out of 10 have tried drinking at least once, with one in three consuming alcohol in the week prior to the survey.

Cigarettes - two out of three have tried smoking.

Marijuana - two out of three have tried marijuana at least...