Teenager's Eyes

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Teenager's Eyes

Being a teenager is not as complicated as people think. Although it is hard but when was living so easy? When was life ever easy? We all have problems. We, teenagers, have problems too. It may not be as big or life-changing as an adult's but they are still problems and it's also not about boys/girls, parties, drinking or being in love like those movies clichés. No! It's about the future… our future. We think about what if we're leaving our dreams for some crap job we don't even like 10 years from now.

That's the thing too. We know our dreams will always be swallowed up by reality. That some of us can't be singers, actors, rocket scientists, astronauts or a person who can change the world because reality sinks in and then we realize that we're not that talented, that smart or that nice, but we try to be because we can.

We're young and impressionable to do some mistakes. We fall too hard, too fast and we're vulnerable but that's when our friends and family come and pick us up. We try to impress them with our theatrics and rebel against them so that they can see us as "us".

But it's hard to choose between family and friends, especially when they're against each other. When the family says this, friends say another. Being young and stupid, we don't know how to prioritize. To top it all off, we enter our love interest into the triangle and it complicate things even more. But that's the beauty of life, the problems. What's life without a little excitement?

You've been like one of us before so you know how simple it is being a teenager once. It's not rocket science or physics. You're somehow like us, you...