Teens And Jobs

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Teens always need money for something. Well one way to solve the problem is to get a job. First of all, they wouldn't have to ask our parents for money to go places any more.

Also if teens have jobs then they would be staying out of trouble. Then finally, teens learn responsibility.

First off, if teens get jobs then they will not have to ask their parents for money every time they do something or go somewhere. If they had a job then they would have money and they could get new clothes, and go shopping too. We could also be able to go many more places because we would have our own money, and our parents couldn't argue with that.

Then, if teens had jobs they would stay out of trouble. If teens were at work they wouldn't be out causing trouble and breaking rules. Some teens get in trouble for being out too late but if you were at a job then you wouldn't get into trouble, because you would be working.

Also, jobs help for the people that have nothing better to do then vandalize things and steal, because they would be occupied and have money too.

Finally, jobs help teens learn and take on responsibility. When you have a job you have to be on time, and you can not be late. This will help with everyday things like getting up for school, and not being late to important places. If you have a job it helps you to keep on task and be responsible for your things. Teens need to learn how to listen to directions and act appropriately and jobs will also help that.

In my opinion jobs are one of the best ways to get money. It's a good way to have money and not have to ask your parents every time you need something. Also jobs help teens from getting into trouble and helps take on responsibility so it would help teens become more responsible. I think that getting a job would be the best thing to do if you are a teenager.