"Television is the main reason why children nowadays spend less time on their studies". Write a short essay giving your opinion.

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The modern age has imported new kinds of entertainment, including television. Along with certain benefits, television has created a controversy that it is the main factor leading to children spending less time on studies among people. However, it is inevitable that other sorts of amusement such as going out, playing games...are resposible for the distraction as well. My essay now will analyze the issue from a neutral view.

To begin with, television is undoubtedly one of the reasons which make children forget about their tasks at school. After a day, every child wants to get some relaxation by watching TV. The various programmes on TV, with films, music channels, apparently attract children and satisfy them time to time. The child finds it so hard to leave his favorite channels without watching till the end. Each detailed show often lasts at least 15 mins, and many broadcasts having the high view by teens and tweens hover from 30 minutes to over 3 hours.

Knowing that an evening has only 6 hours, and watching TV takes children about 2 hours, it is safe to say children cannot spend adequate time on learning due to television.

However, that is not fair if we completely impute the blame to television. The age of modernization has started and unlocked diverse ways to relax. With those, children can do lots of things, such as playing games, searching Internet, or going out with friends... All of those, more or less, impact on the normal schedule of a child. Doing such things too much, they’ll soon become addicted and think little of learning. Then while the initial points of these amusements are entertaining, they become a hindrance for children to get down to studying.

In conclusion, without the distribution of others, television itself cannot be to...