Is Tennis a good recreational pursuit?

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I believe the game of tennis is a great recreational pursuit! The word recreation means 'Refreshment of one's mind or body after work through activity that amuses or stimulates' ( Therefore in saying this, tennis is a sport that is fun and enjoyable that does not cause stress however builds a sweat! After completing a term on the sport of tennis I have learnt more and more about the game and what it does for me. I must admit when first hearing our class was starting tennis I wasn't very happy. However, playing games really taught me how much tennis can be fun. Tennis is also very cheap, with only a racquet, balls and court hire the only cost. With so many courts around the place, it is very easy to get free access to a tennis court. My class has been lucky enough to have free access for the whole term to the Somerville House courts and therefore making the cost of a game of tennis relatively cheap.

Tennis as a whole is open too all ages, from 6 yr olds to retired people. It can also be a social aspect of ones life or taken seriously with club fixtures, pending on the persons skill level. Playing tennis, I know myself that my skill level is not up too scratch and therefore enjoy a social game with friends or family on the odd occasion.

In the world today, tennis is regarded as one of the best sports whether watching at an elite level or having a social game in the local park. Its one sport that:

Is played all year round, day and night.

Coaching is available.

World wide acceptance

Good activity to improve Cardio Respiratory.

All genders - Male, Female and Mixed

And a great way to...