Terrified(Short Story)

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This short story is called Terrified, it is written by C.B. Gilford. This title name gives readers a large attention, and this title name is very suitable for this short story, because if you were one of the characters in the story you would be a lot more than terrified. This story has four characters, Paul Santin, Vince, Arlene, which are both teenagers, about 16-18 years old, and the policeman. The main character is Paul Santin, he is the main point of this story. This story is about a person called Paul Santin, he was driving on the way back home, and then he saw a car coming towards him, the other car has this very bright lights on it, then Paul started to challenge the other car by turning on the lights too, then the other car was hogging to the centre of the road, then Paul had to make a choice that is turn left or right, at last Santin's car seemed to defy gravity, it rolled sideways, leaped into the air, throwing Santin clear of itself at the top of the leap and he was so badly injured.

After the accident, the two teenagers who had made that accident out, was thinking about not telling the cops about the accident, because they don't want to be in jail for killing a person, then the two teenagers lifted Paul Santin and put him aside and they made it like it was just Paul Santin's accident, they was wanting that they could made it like it was nothing to do with them, it was not their fault. But at last a policeman came and found out that they were lying to him.

This short story had used a point of view of a third person, this will...