Terrorism Will Not Be Tolerated

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Terrorism will not be tolerated As of September 11, every single U.S. citizen's life has been affected. Terrorism has hit the United States in a serious attack. This attack was more devasting than any other attack in United States history. The reason for it being so devastating is because at first there was no idea who committed such a crime. This crime was more devestating than the bombing of Pearl Harbor. That Tuesday, two American airplanes hit the world trade center. Terrorist hijacked these planes and there only intent was to kill. One man, Osma Bin Laden, supposedly organized all this. Osma Bin Laden is America's most wanted man and is to be thought responsible for over six thousand American deaths. Every life that was taken by the terrorist was an innocent victim. The reason Osma Bin Laden is the prime suspect is because of several clues.

First was that he was on video talking about bombing and killing Americans. Secondly, he supposedly bombed the world trade center back in 1993. Finally, he was tied in with the 1998 bombing of a U.S. battleship. These events would be enough reasonable cause for any police officer in the United States of America to bring this man to justice.

All because of this one mans insanity everyone is suffering now. The economy hasn't seen a depression like this in an extremely long time. The stock market has fallen almost as low as it has ever been. The stock market being so slow is making millions of people loose money, making the economy less and less stronger. Thousands of hard working citizens have to be laid off now because of the terrorist's attacks. These victims are the ones who have not done one thing wrong and are suffering the most. All of the people that were hard at work and had no idea what was happening. This is what is most upsetting. There are people who said, "see you later on tonight" to their children but never came home. The poor victims families that lost their friends and families in this horrific crime are whom everyone should feel sorrow for.

This tragedy has made me look at life in a completely different perspective. Life is too important to have one mans stupidity ruin and interrupt our lives. Now, America needs to retaliate and punish the men who are responsible for these despicable crimes. Americans have waited long enough and need to see some action being taken. Osma Bin Laden needs to stop hiding and face his punishment. He should be punished to the fullest, apologize on live television, and then he should be executed with all his followers. The most rewarding thing for citizens was when the president said," The criminals will be brought to justice or justice will be brought to them." No matter what, justice will be served. That was extremely reassuring and brought a smile to faces when it was mere impossible to smile.

The most devastating tragedy of all is the firefighters and policemen that lost their lives because they were doing their job. After the first plane hit hundreds of New York firefighters went into the building to rescue innocent victims. It was as if Bin Laden knew they would be in there and 18 minutes later the other building was destroyed. This killed the majority of firefighters that were helping. The firefighters are the real heroes. They are the ones who did not hesitate to jump into a burning building and rescue the victims. In the end they became victims as well. Their families are destroyed all because of this man. Osma Bin Laden does not deserve to live another day and his crimes will not go unpunished.

Now, everyone is going through the recovery stage. This stage is going to be a very difficult one for the entire world. It will take everyone time to heal from these tragedies. It is estimated that the clean up will take anywhere from six months to a year and a half. Fire rescue and volunteers will be cleaning up New York for a long time and until that is complete people will still be in pain. Also, now the country is predicted to go to war to find the ones guilty for these despicable crimes. Hopefully, no more Americans lives will be lost. On the news it was said by President Bush that there would be American soldiers lives lost if we do go to war. If anyone goes to fight for our country and dies they will be considered the most honorable men in the world right now. Not to forget all the other soldiers that were lost and killed for our freedom, which we have today. In the end consider if this is all worth it and in the end what will be the outcome? Only time can tell.