Text response on how the film 'Remember The Titans' represents the concept of change

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REMEMBER THE TITANS produced by Jerry Bruckheimer [film]-TEXT RESPONSE SHEET:


Remember The Titans is a film text, centred by the issue of race and how it is triumphantly overcome. It is an uplifting story how an American town, Alexandria, conquered overwhelming resentment, friction and disharmony brought on by racial discrimination and mistrust. The town is further thrown into chaos, as protests rage over the killing of an African-American youth and then the integration of the major local High school; T.C. Williams. The integration lead to the demotion of a much loved and highly successful head coach of the school state football team by the name of Bill Yoast, the job's new occupancy went to an African-American, Herman Boone. What follows is a rousing movie that shows how this disunity and racism can be overcome, in this case through the ultra popular sport of NFL.

The team and coaches couldn't be more different, which makes for an enlightening journey of change, where many contrasting images arise, although an overpowering sense of camaraderie succeeds in the end as the team win the state final.


Remember The Titans represents change very optimistically, showing it as something with difficulties that eventually are beaten. Once the discomfort is gone change is fantastically beneficial, where it contributes to better attitudes, a more open-mind, a more accepting society and something that can unify.

Change seen by the responder can be interpreted as something that should be embraced otherwise you will not experience its benefits [e.g. the characters who do not accept the new moral standard are outcaste and unhappy].

Captured by this text is the core aspect of change, which are the process and the consequence of the process.