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I am writing this letter to let you know your teller Teresa makes a big difference at your bank. With out her personal touch, your bank would be just like any other big bank. It's the people that really make a company and Teresa is one that really makes your company good.

Recently the company I work for had some dealings with you're bank on behave of a mutual customer. The customers debit card had withdrawn a payment twice, and the run around that HSBC gave both the customer and my co-worker was embarrassing, in short I wasn't proud to be a member of the HSBC bank.

But then the following week I had a problem with my account. A loan payment that was supposed to come out of my husbands account came out of mine in error. When I noticed that my account was very short, I quickly headed over to the bank.

Fortunately for me Teresa works Saturdays and recognising her friendly face, I went to her for help. Teresa not only solved my problem but she did it in a style that said my business is important! I experience the HSBC bank in a much different way than my colleague had! Teresa has resolved my impression of the bank.

Unfortunately two weeks later I noticed a similar problem with my account, and again it was a Saturday so I returned to the bank and there was Teresa working. She again was able to clear up the error that was causing the bank to withdraw loan payments from my account instead of my husbands and in away that said she cared.

Teresa is an asset to your bank. She adds that personal touch banks are so often accused of not having. I sure hope you appreciate her,