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Thank You Good Bye Sucker Characters Jeffrey - Is the one who finds out all of the information about the cars and where to find them.

Krystian - Is the guy who steals the cars and drives them.

Natalia - She is the girlfriend of Krystian and assist in the stealing of cars.

Tomek - He is the polish guy that cannot speak.

Zoltan - Is the brother of Krystian and helps break into the cars.

Old Man River - The owner of the car.

Scene 1: In some ones drive way.

Krystian: Hey you guys.

Jeff & Zoltan: What do you want? Krystian: You morons do you have the equipment? Jeff: Yeah.

Krystian: Zoltan go open her up.

Zoltan: Why do I have to break in every time? Krystian: Because you are fast.

Zoltan: Why doesn't Jeff Have to do anything? Krystian: Because he is a hacker. He needs to get all the information on the cars.

Jeff: What are you guys doing so long? Krystian: Get over here open the damn Garage.

Jeff: (loudly) Hold on. (Looking around) Where is Zoltan.

Krystian: (Dumbfoundely) What the hell.? Where is he? (Natalia and Zoltan walk in) Natalia: I found him in the back of the house.

Krystian: Where? Natalia: In the back of the house.

Krystian: What the hell was he doing there.

Natalia: Looking for some tools in the shed.

Krystian: Did he bring any? Natalia: Nope.

Krystian: Tomek be the look out.

Tomek: (Shaking his head yes) Zoltan: (Walking with a coat hanger) I am going to open the car.

Krystian: Good. Jeff! Jeff: What! Krystian: Did you open the garage? Jeff: No, I am waiting for Zoltan. I do not want Old Man River coming out with a gun, these are the suburbs.

Zoltan: Jeff lets get the car already. Open the garage.

Jeff: (Opening the garage) Got it. Go open her Zoltan.

Zoltan: (Opening the car) Gotcha baby. Krystian drive.

Krystian: (Starts the car) Natalia lets go. Get in.

Natalia: Ooh nice car.

Krystian: (Looking at Jeff) We will meet at your house.

Jeff: Ok. Zoltan Get in.

(Krystian and Natalia drive away) Tomek: (Waves to Jeff and Zoltan lets go) Zoltan: Quiet I hear something.

Jeff: Then hurry up.

(Old Man River Runs after them) Jeff: Tomek go go go.

(Speeding Away) Zoltan: What the hell he has an ax.

Old Man River: I gonna get you.