This is a theatrical analysis of "American Buffalo."

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Analysis of American Buffalo

When looking at any play one must clearly evaluate the functional values which the work holds. These functional values are Entertainment, Exaltation, Economics, and Edification. In American Buffalo I believe a reader can make a valid point that all four of these values are present. With regard to Entertainment, this play when written had quite a bit of entertainment value. Its language is not hard to understand, and it is very contemporary. Not to mention that the plot is something that of a much more modern feel. One thing a reader could attribute this modern plot to would its 1977 creation date. So, I would definitely say this play could be done for the sake of entertainment. However, other functions are also present. Economically speaking, American Buffalo would do very well because of that modern day writing style as well as its modern day unlawful plot.

It seems that the general public likes the suspenseful nature of an unlawful act. But, I also feel that its success would depend on the public's response to the amount of crazed and foul language which is used throughout the play. Looking at the exaltation I believe the reader or audience will get that feeling of emotions but on a very low level. One instance that might have an impact on the audience's emotions is when Don discovers that Bob was telling the truth, and is now injured for no reason. Here I can a reader of this play becoming sorry for Bob, which in turn stirs there emotional feelings. Now in contrast to American Buffalo's minor moments of exaltation it had a great deal of edification. As I read this play, I couldn't stop thinking of who I consider my friends and who are the people I have...