Their Eyes are Watching God - Critical Reveiw

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Critical Review of

Their Eyes Were Watching God

By Whitney East


Oprah Winfrey presents her favorite love story, Their Eyes Were Watching God, written by Zora Neale Hurston. In the movie rendition of this emotionally moving story, the main character, Jane Crawford is a young, free-spirited, natural beauty (played by Halle Berry) who takes us on a journey of self discovery. Janie endures two unsuccessful marriages and heartbreak until finally finding love with a much younger man. She experiences all that life has to offer, from living with Stalks where each day is simply routine, to living with T Cake who turns each day into an adventure. This tale touched me in many different ways a story of passion, romance, and the feeling of true love.


This drama was set in Eatonville, Florida during the Harlem Renaissance in the 1920's. The Harlem Renaissance was an African-American based cultural and intellectual mainstream movement.

The director turned Hurston's story of a dramatic journey of love into a wonderfully crafted visual for all to enjoy. The main character, Janie Crawford, a free-spirited, young-hearted girl is played by a multiple award winner (Halle Berry). Janie takes a journey through several marriages with completely different types of men. These multiple marriage obstacles that Janie learns to overcome throughout the story eventually leads her to her true love and teaches her how it feels to live a full life in the end. In the first scene Janie Crawford, is wearing dirty old coveralls walking barefoot towards the town of Eatonville. The very first thing in the movie Janie Crawford says is, "There are two things everybody got to find out for themselves. They got to find out about love, and find out about living. Now love is like the sea, it's a...