That Was Then This Is Now!

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Title: The title of my book is That was Then, This is Now.

Author: The author of my book is S. E. Hinton.

Main Characters: The Main Characters in my book are Brian, Mark, Charlie, Eminem, Cathy, Angela, Chepard, and Also the Mom.

Setting: The setting in my book is a lot of different places, the main place was at the Inner City. It also took place at the Bar and in Mark and Brian's house. Most of the time it took place at the house.

Conflict: The conflict is that the two best friends Mark and Brian are growing apart throughout the book. They live with each other because Mark's mother adopted Brian. They used to be best friends, until they started hiding things from each other, and doing stuff they usually don't do. They started in the book very close, and then they grew farther and farther apart.

Five Major Events: 1.The first major event was when Charlie the bartender was working while Mark and Brian asked to use his car and he said yes. While they were at the bar they were hustling some guys who got really mad. When Mark and Brian went to go to his car through the alley, the guys from the bar jumped them. Charlie came out to try to save them and he got shot by one of the guys on the top of his right eye.

2. The second major event was when Eminem a 13-year-old boy has a sister named Cathy. Cathy starts dating Brian. Cathy and Mark hate each other. Eminem started thinking about all the things his father said about him. For example, how he has long hair and he looks like a girl. So Eminem ran away.

3. The third major event was when Mark, Brian and his old girlfiend Angela got drunk. Since they were drunk, Mark let Brian cut off Angela's long nice hair. The next day Angela's friend Shepard beat up Brian for cutting off her hair.

4. The fourth major event was when Cathy and Brian went to look for Emenim. They found him in a hippy house. He was talking about spiders chewing him because he had used a drug called LSD and thats what it does to you. They brought him straight to the hospital. He never fully recovered from the use of LSD.

5. The fifth major event was when Mark keeps on bringing home a lot of money and Brian does not know what it is from. After bringing Eminem to the hospital he came home and was looking for his cigarettes underneath the bed when he found pills. He knew Mark was not taking them so he called the police on him because he knew he was selling drugs. When Mark came into his room he saw Brian, Brian said Mark I called the police on you because of the pills I found. Mark was surprised when the police came and arrested him. He was sent to state prison.

Climax: The climax is when Mark discovers the pills Brian has been selling. He then calls the police on his best friend and it ruins their relationship. This separates them even further.

Resolution: The resolution was that Mark ended up going to jail for selling drugs, because Brian called the police on him for doing it. Mark wishes he was a kid again to change the way things went, and also because thats when he had all the answers. Now he his not really sure of it. When the police come they take him to state prison. Mark and his best friend Brian then grew farther apart then they had ever been.