Theory and practice of organizational learning within the US Army

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Theory and practice of organizational learning within the US Army

Successful organizations increase productivity, efficiency and reach their goals by developing their most important resource, its employees. Organizational learning is a primary function of human resources management that develops employees by giving them the required tools and knowledge to meet future challenges. The United States Army faces the same challenges of any civilian organization such as meeting the objectives within established timelines; improve their academic and professional knowledge, budget constraints and a fixed amount of resources. To meet the organizational objectives, the Army needs to develop and retain employees capable of completing their mission.

Organizational learning needs continually change as technology upgrades and expands the roles and responsibilities of an individual employee. Changes to the organizational learning programs are constantly evolving to meet the demand for increased employee skills. The first step to developing an organizational learning program is to identify the organizational learning needs so that it can be designed and implemented to meet those needs.

The Army keeps introducing certain organizational learning programs designed to satisfy current organizational learning needs and to prepare the organization to meet prospective challenges. An organization can use many forms of organizational learning. Organizational learning is important in an organization because of the different types of jobs within the organization and career path. Employees must be trained to do his or her job in order to help the organization succeed and achieve profits. The organization can use more than one type of organizational learning method to train employees. (Hollenbeck et. al. 2003)

With new equipment and resources added into the growing Army, organizational learning has become a large concern and changing entity. Each branch of the Army has added new airplanes, ground equipment, weapons, procedures, and Rules of Engagement (ROE) along with many...