'There is no point in preserving the past. We should be looking to the future'. What is your opinion?

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Past, present and future. Everything changed over these periods of time. Would it be dumb if one were to be so mindful about his past? Or should one look forward to build a better and more meaning life for himself?Preserving the past may not be a harmful thing. Learning from the past and your mistakes can benefit you in the future. For example, youngsters can learn from their mistakes in school, failing tests and misbehaving in class. Understanding that these actions are not allowed, they can learn from the past and improve on their current behavior.

Preserving the past may not be important for us, teenagers. But it means something to the elderly living in Singapore. Elderly do appreciate their past culture and traditions. For instance, many grandparents still enjoy 'ge-tai', a singing performance that is sung in dialects. Many elderly are willing to travel to Singapore to enjoy this performance during the 7th month.

From this, we can see that preserving the past can be meaningful.

However, in the modern era, everyone is practical and realistic. Most of them feel that there is no point in preserving the past and everyone should look forward to the future. Everyone should plan for their future to live a better life.

It would be stupid if everyone were to be bothered over their past. Everyone make mistakes, the most important thing is to be forward-looking. For example, a criminal did wrong in the past and after being jailed for many years, he hopes to turn over a new leaf. Shouldn't the society give him a chance to prove himself that he has learnt from his mistakes?Another example is conservation of resources and protecting the environment. As everyone would be aware by now that the ozone layer is depleting and soon, there...