Thorough Analysis of Jude the Obscure- 4 characters, 4 quotes, conflict, setting

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Jude Fawley has always dreamed of attending the university of Christminster, however his humble upbringing did not allow him to do so right away. He is tricked into marrying a local girl named Arabella and when the marriage does not work out she moves to Australia. He meets his cousin, Sue, and tries not to fall in love with her but to no avail he does. They find out that he has a son by Arabella, and the son comes to live with Sue, Jude, and their two children. Jude's son hangs himself as well as the other two children for what Sue and Arabella see as punishment for their incestuous relationship.

Four Important Characters:

Jude Fawley- A man who aspires to attend the university of Christminster but is distracted by his love for his cousin.

Susanna Bridehead- Jude's cousin who marries Jude's mentor-type person, Richard Phillotson and then later has children with Jude.

Arabella Donn - She tricked Jude into marriage and fathered his first child. She is promiscuous and untrustworthy.

Richard Phillotson - The schoolmaster who gave Jude the idea of studying at Christminster. He married Sue before Jude's relationship with her.


Marygreen, England and Christminster, England


Jude and Sue love each other but are presented with many a problem. They are members of a family that are notorious for their ill-fated marriages. In addition, society would not accept the marriage of cousins and thus their love and relationship was deemed as sinful by many. They have to struggle internally and with their other spouses to try to achieve happiness together. Once the murder-suicide occurs, they both have to return to their unhappy marriages.


"...He had at last found himself clear of Marygreen and Alfredston: he was out of his apprenticeship, and...