Thoughts on the RALI Exercise.

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When I first printed the course information, I glanced over the RALI briefly. I did a few in my head as I skimmed through, just to see if I was right. After I read the required readings, I believe I had more right on instinct than from the information in the two chapters. However, as I mentioned in the other post, I do search too hard. When I was skimming through the questions, I was not really stopping to think about what the question was asking or knowledge gained elsewhere. I was just answering on what I thought at that second.

Something that confused me was how it differed from me. The orientation to learning part is where I was a little puzzled. I missed the most in this section. I was putting too much of me and what I felt, instead of thinking of how others may respond. For example, question number 11 states, "Adult learners should not be allowed to set their own learning pace."

(Rossman & Rossman, 1990) The correct answer was false. I answered true because I am a procrastinator and if I have something more important to do, I will put it off. In learning, I sometimes do the same. If it is too hard, I will move on, instead of slowing down to actually see what the problem is. I have never really been behind, but there are things I completely missed. I like having deadlines and a set schedule of events before me. I like to have that set pace. I am a very organized person, or try my best to be.

Another question caught my eye, I got it right, but it seems a little outdated. Question 32 states, "Physical strength peaks between 25 and 30." (Rossman, 1990) When I saw...