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  • Resources?

    Papers that do not include resources are useless and should not even be submitted. I use cheathouse as a resource when writing my papers, and those that have included their sources help to ensure the information can be validated. What kind of paper has no resources? What is even worse, you cited from your resources and didn't include them!
    • 24/09/2004
    • 16:45:56
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  • Good points!

    You had a very good point about Mr. Bush, as I also am a anti-Bush American. However the essay would have been alot more interesting and powerful with facts and figures and resources to prove them. Good essay!
    • 17/09/2004
    • 18:51:52
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  • Interesting!

    I found your essay very interesting and informative. I have been studying moods and mood disorders lately and Bipolar is so common. Great work!
    • 17/09/2004
    • 18:47:44
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  • Very Good!

    This is my first Art class I am taking and having difficulties. As I was going through new essays I ran across yours. I haven't really understood anything from the book, so I am totally lost. Your essay was easy to understand and nicely set up. Thanks! : )
    • 06/09/2004
    • 12:52:18
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  • Very Nice!

    I am not really big on poetry because of the fact I am not really good at critiquing the work. You handled this very well. I liked your style and the way the essay was set up. I believe I may take another look at poetry. Thanks John!
    • 06/09/2004
    • 12:17:05
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  • Ugh!

    There were many errors in this essay. Improper citing, mispelled words out the butt, and terrible rewording! Too little time spent on preparing the essay!
    • 04/09/2004
    • 13:58:07
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  • A little strange!

    The stories were definately short and strange; however they were very descriptive and imaginative!
    • 03/09/2004
    • 09:14:10
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  • Great Essay!

    I fond this essay to be very informative concerning nonverbal communication and ethics. Good job and thanks!
    • 04/06/2004
    • 19:12:51
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