Through The Gates Of Splendor

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Through the Gates of Splendor " The missionaries were misguided and naive. Christians need not travel to remote locations to spread the world" I believe that the missionaries were misguided and naïve. Although their intentions were good in the way they were willing to give their lives for God. The courage and devotion towards their religion and Christ is very admirable.

They interpreted the Bible as though God will be happy if you do something for him, that he would want and sacrificing your life in the process. My interpretation is that Jesus said that spreading the word was important but not as important to lose one of his "˜sheep' over it. When Pete said that "˜he was prepared to give his life for the salvation of the Aucas. This is very extreme and misguided.

All those missionaries were very devoted to going into the jungle and covert Auca "˜savages' and their to Christ, an example of this is when "˜Jim devoted 10 days to prayer to make sure that God intended for him'.

I believe that there is no need to go to remote location but other people around us.

There is no denying that they were very naïve to believe that they could go deep in the jungle, to a savage "˜primitive' tribe who have been known to murder people only armed with their bibles and covert all of them to a religion they have never heard of.

These five missionaries who were martyred for their religion and their fellow man may have been naive and misguided but they believed that they were doing the right thing that they had interpreted from the bible. Also the bible says spread the word of God not to covert them. Every one has their own interpretations about what the Bible says, so who can say that they were misguided and naïve.