Time Management

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Explain the Significance of Time Management

For most purposes, time management is simply a good character trait, but it is never more than words. The actual benefit, and importance of time management is lost with most people. The failure to understand and master this concept is a serious hindrance to anyone seeking to lead, or hold a position like Combined Band Clerk. I propose that time management is not just a useful skill, but an integral part in a management position.

Before someone can take responsibility for others, they must first have control over their own life. How can one be dedicated to a group or cause if there is not any time to dedicate? Time management allows us to take on many responsibilities, and perform all of them to the best of our ability. It factors in our personal needs, but puts emphasis on our duties to those around us.

Without time management, we see that things begin to pile up, and in that chaos, people and responsibilities begin to slip under the radar, to the point that they are forgotten completely. This cannot be allowed to happen, and therefore, time management is a necessary skill to an effective operation.

Today's leaders have more and more pressure put upon them as the world continues to change. The effectiveness of any leader is measured by their ability to complete the job quickly and to its full extent. The only way to do this is to prioritize and organize. In other words, manage time. To be successful as a Combined Band Clerk is to use advanced time management skills to assist in the administrative tasks necessary to keep the Combined Band Staff running smoothly and effectively. Time management is the most significant ability to have, because it is what allows us...