Title: The Horse Dealer's Daughter by D.H. Lawrence. The relationship between two characters: Mabel and Dr.Ferguson.

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"The Horse Dealer's Daughter" by D. H. Lawrence describes the function of woman in society. Mabel struggles to live her life because of her three verbally obnoxious brothers. In addition, suicide and love play an important role in the story. When Mabel tries to commit suicide, her life changes. She falls in love with a doctor which helps her to forget the miserable instants with her brothers. Similarly, love makes life for Mabel more exciting and adventurous.

Mabel is twenty seven years old, single. She is a housekeeper for her "ineffectual brothers". They do not appreciate her work in the house. They seem to be selfish and unreliable. For instance, the eldest brother Joe doesn't care about anything but nevertheless, he watches his family's horses "with a glazed look of helplessness in his eyes." Since his future is unwelcoming, Joe compares himself to the horses. The author writes, "his life was over, he would be a subject animal now."

Because Mabel's three brothers are careless and ineffective, they are unable to see Mabel's suicidal signs.

After the death of her father, the horse dealing business collapses and Mabel becomes mindless. She does not have any hope for her future. In order to relief her stress, feel secure and invisible, she goes to the churchyard. There among graves, she feels free and "immediate contact with the world of her mother"(p512). Death does not scare her instead it comforts her because she feels unloved at her home. As a result, she goes to the pond and tries to drown. When she is rescued by Dr. Ferguson, Mabel does not feel that her suicidal attempt is silly. She says "It was the right thing to do. I knew best, then."(p516) In addition, Mabel feels overwhelmed with the pressure to decide what to...