"The Horse Dealer's Daughter" :Mabel and her need for love.

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One of the many necessities humans must have to feel happiness in life is to feel loved. In other words, humans need to feel that people care about them, so that they do not feel alone in this world. When humans do not feel loved, they begin to feel insecure of their worth and purpose in life. Sometimes humans end up taking quick, yet wrong decisions, just to get rid of the feeling of loneliness. "The Horse Dealer's Daughter," by D.H Lawrence, depicts an example of this situation. Besides the economic situation Mabel, the main character, is facing with only her three brothers (since their parents died), the story focuses mainly on the emotional problems Mabel is suffering through now. Since she feels she has no other positive solution to end them, she feels she has to kill her self. Lawrence tells the reader that the main reason why she feels this way is that she thinks she has nobody who loves her at this point of her life.

Lawrence helps the reader discover this through: Mabel's feelings of her mother's death, her brothers' behavior towards her, and the reactions of the town's people to her.

The first clue Lawrence gives the reader to notice why Mabel feels so alone now, is when he states the significance, Mabel has, towards her mother's death: "And she lived in the memory of her mother, who had died when she was fourteen, and whom she had loved"(Lawrence p.278). From this, the reader can imply that the only time Mabel felt happy and loved, was when her mother was alive.

After Mabel's mother dies, her father dies as well. The only family she has left now, are her brothers. Even though her brothers are her family, they still do not love

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