The title is The Natural vs. The Player.

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The Natural vs. The Player

Throughout history there are many men and women who have gone above and beyond all expectations that society has for the average person. These fine people are called role models. They become heroes in almost everyone's eyes. Children look up to and emulate them, and adults revere them as the people they wish they could have been. Roy Hobbs, the main character in Bernard Malamud's The Natural, is one such person. Although a fictional character, he is an example to the world in his story. A real person, however, that can also be seen as such is Steve Young, former quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers. But what makes these people role models? These people are defined by the things that excel at, what they do to help others, the beliefs that they hold, and how they overcome their own flaws and weaknesses.

Roy Hobbs was a phenomenal baseball player. As a youth he struck out one of the greatest batters of all time: the Whammer. An unforeseen accident sets him back but he comes back ten years later at age thirty-five almost as strong as ever. He sets new records and continues to have "beginner's luck" throughout his career. One record is for the number of triples hit in a single game. At one game he proceeds to hit the ball so hard while batting that he rips the leather covering on the ball. At another game he catches a bird that was flying low in the air, thinking it was the ball. He continues throughout his career until the end to be one of the most spectacular players of the game at the time.

Steve Young played professional football for fifteen years. He is best known as the quarterback for the...