Title: The Real Monsters Clearly depicts the monsters in do andriods dream in electric sheep

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The Real Monster

Phillip K. Dick's, "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep," created a very complex and controversial futuristic society, religion, and way of life, in which humans co-exist with androids. Even though this was a story based on the future, its ideas and structure of life was extremely relevant to massive historical problems our country has dealt with in the past. Signs of segregation, Nazism and sheer hate towards one another, is what this society revolves around and it all begins with the belief in Mercerism, the ability to share one another's feelings. It is this unifying nature which shields humans from the real truth of the matter. The true monsters are the human race and the belief in Mercerism. Even though people may be blind to it, it is Mercerism's constant push to extremely discriminate against androids, and even to one another, that makes living on earth, admittedly or not, a completely miserable and false way of life for everyone, and possibly leading to a future disaster.

This new society and culture is actually going to have a worse effect on people than if everything was kept the same way before the war. People feel that since war between man is what caused the earth to be such terrible place, everyone should share their good and bad feelings with one another. By doing this, it should end conflict between humans and erase the thought of war because everyone gets to feel the same emotions as one another. This is the foundation of Mercerism, which all of the human race now relies heavily upon to get through the day. The actual unity of everyone is perceived as a great new thing, but it is this togetherness that is basis for their problems.

Even though this new earth...