Title: Why I chose to give, a speech formatted in APA style.

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Why I Chose To Give

(Attention Getter) I am daily confronted--sometimes it feels like I'm hounded--with requests from beggars to give them money, and I just feels uncomfortable! (Psychological Order) Have you ever had that feeling passing some homeless guy in the street, or seeing them beg for change in Bradley and Main Street as you drive to school? (Thesis) I used to, but now I currently support children living in Mexico and Peru that otherwise would not have any financial support on their own, nor could afford three meals a day. (Logical Orientation) Getting the urge to be generous can come from a religious conviction, a near death experience, or just some internal crazy desire to help people.

If you're religious you've probably read Luke, and can remember the story about the Jew on the way to Jericho who gets passed up by friends, but it's the enemy who ends up helping him, and it's known as "The Good Samaritan story."

This story has been used time and time again over the centuries to instill into us through religion a need to help others, even those we dislike.

If you're like me, and you've had a near death experience and you decided that if you had died what your life was worth and found it to be worth a lot of selfishness, then you know why you decided to help people. One late night on Christmas Eve, at midnight, I was driving down after a long sales meeting located in the heart of San Francisco, known as the Financial District, to my destination, Santa Maria, where my parents were living. Driving south at 70 miles-per-hour at midnight, across a two lane bridge, a man and his 20 year old nephew, both drunk, had just rolled over in their...