Tobacco affecting our lives

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Introduction :

I was surfing on the net and suddenly, my eyes looked up on the newspaper, so the headline was too much interesting and I could not stop me. The headline was like that "The two year old kid (Ardi Rizal) smokes." I was shocked to see this, and therefore it made my interest more. Not even this, but also smoke approximately forty cigarettes per day. I also saw the video of him on you tube, he was smoking like he is doing great job and with this act of him he feels very proud. There was also a picture over there. The face expression of him shows that he feels comfort when he smoke, and he is sitting on his small wheel truck. The get up shows that he is sitting like the lorry driver of the middle age.


What is Tobacco?

In the warm climates, the plant having green in color is a tobacco.

The utilization comes of tobacco after having many processes. This is not like this that we just pluck it from the trees, and just insert this into the cigarettes. First of all, we pluck it from the trees and then we just dried it, and then finally this utilizes in different things for different purposes. Most of the people want to smoke but sometimes because of the environment they could not smoke. This is why chewing tobacco also came in the market. This is just like that like you are smoking.

Some times tobacco also gets used in the water pipe, cigars, pipe, narghile and Qalyan. Much more, that sometimes we also sniffed this via our nose. This is mostly called the snuff agent. It has been measured that more than 4000 chemicals are involved in the making...