In today’s globalised world one of the main problems is

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In today's globalised world one of the main problems is culturl minority conflict. After the industrial revolution in the 18th century Pakistan became the colony of the United Kingdom but after seperation of Pakistan some Pakis chose to find job and better life conditions. However they faced difficulties due to being minorities such as: cultural, religion and social conflicts.

One of the difficulties that Pakis had faced in England was because of cultural differences. British people are from Anglo origin but Pakis are from South Asian origin. These distinction of origins reflected to their taditions and cultures. It was very hard to live in multicultural country because Pakis' and Britishs' behaviours or point of views to life were too much different. Many of the Pakis were treated as second class people and also Pakis behaved to Britishs very wildly.

The other conflict of immigrant Pakis in England is religious.

Pakis are generally Muslim but many of the British are Christian. Therefore they have different religious traditions. Also this differences caused their hate between them. In addition to this, religious men were forcing the both socities against the other one.

Beside cultural and religious conflict between migrant Pakis and British was the last problem: social conflict. Because of being minority they did not have enough or equal rights. They are mostly behaved as strangers therefore that caused Pakis' nervousity against Britain. For instance, like in the film East is East Paki youngsters were not admitted to a British pub because of their colour. Moreover, this pressure of being minority made the Pakis ashamed of themselves and they were forced to be assimilated.

As a result, like the oher minorities or migrants Pakis suffered from many problems in England. These conflicts can be divided into threee groups of conflicts: cultural, religious and social conflict. These three groups of conflicts which put Pakis very bad position can be seen in the film East is East clearly. Also in order to find solution, British parliments should be more helpful and positive to these people and provide them equal rights.