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Taoism Today Taoism is the thought of as a way of life by it's followers today. They believe that the "Tao" is the natural order of things. It is a force that flows through through every living thing throughout the universe.

T There are three centers in the world devoted to teaching the philosophies of Taoism today. They are located in Shangai, Boston, Moscow. These centers act as the headquarters for smaller temples around the world. At these centers, classes and workshops are held throughout the day, to teach masters, who will teach others. They are taught to reach elightment, wich is the human desire for guidance and understanding.

Taoism has returned to the way it was when laozi founded the religion. For a time period after his death it has became a mistacle religion that used fortune telling, potions, and dragon's bones. It has returned to being a religion that teaches simpleness and respect for nature.

It has almost had a rebirth in the world. In Moashan, China, a 110 foot tall statue of Laozi was unveiled in November of 1998. Even Communist leaders have allowed Taoism to florish, as I said before, one of the centered temples is in Moscow. Taoism has several million followers in China, with 25,000 priests and nuns and 1500 temples, mostly in China. Taoism also has a large following in Chineese communities around the world. It is also practiced by people who just want to live simple life.he most common representation of Taoism is the circular Yin Yang figure. It represents the balance of opposites in the universe. When they are equally present, all is calm. When one is outwieghed by the other, there is confusion. The Yin and Yang are a model that the faithful follow.

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