I, Too, Am America

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A great paper. Strong opinions and heart filled statements it was for a contest

I, Too, Am America

America, the melting pot of the world, and yet its different races have so much

trouble melding together. According to statistics, in all probability, I have a higher chance

than any other race teenager of not graduating from high school. By stereotype, all I do is

eat fried chicken, sell drugs, and play basketball. In society, I might work twice as hard as

the next man and not get the promotion. I am a part of the percentage who chooses to

defy the probability, break the stereotype, and change society. I, Too, Am America.

Unfortunately, in my experience through junior and senior high, the common black

attitude towards education has been one of neglect. Not caring about one 'F,' or the

other, careening through high school with a gpa of 1.5.

However, there are those who

really care about their grades, earning the respect of their peers and friends. I strive to be

in the latter group, so that I can better myself. For every black student who makes that

extra effort, that better grade, there will be another person who becomes more enlightened

to the facts and not the fiction of black life in America. In the act of improving my mind, I

am not only helping myself but furthering the cause for complete equality throughout the


As part of America's black youth, I must grow up in a world of racism, no matter

what supposed 'huge steps' have been made. It is up to me not to use this as an excuse

but as an obstacle to surmount. In my lifetime I will be faced with prejudice which may

hinder my progress. This opposition must not be met...