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There are many problems in the decision-making process. One of them is that everything hangs on making the right choice. Make the right decision and you will find yourself with a feeling of accomplishment, make the wrong decision and you will find yourself feeling like a looser or even worth loosing your business. We need tools and techniques such as the histogram to make such decisions in our business and daily lives. Knowing the right time to use the proper tools and techniques is important for the survivability of the organization for which we work. As we make decision, we need to be able to think clearly and weight up evidence effectively. A histogram will help us to make the decision making process a lot easier to handle by viewing the data that was accumulated or will be accumulate to measure pass performance of any given organization.

To understand how a histogram is beneficial to an organization, one needs to know what it is, and the purpose of it.

A histogram is a specialized type of bar chart, where individual data points are grouped together in class, so that you can get an idea how frequently data in each class occur in the data set. The higher the bars are the more points in a class and the lower bars indicate fewer points. One of the advantages of the histogram is that it provides an easy-to-read picture of the location and variation on the data set. However there are two disadvantages the histogram present: (1) the histogram can be manipulated to show different picture and (2) if too few or too many bars are used, the histogram can be misleading. A histogram is used to make decisions about a process, or procedures that could be improved after carefully examining the...