Toronto and Hong Kong.

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When it comes to making a decision upon where to live, many people would often decide to look at the most suitable places on earth that qualifies for their expectations of living standards. Some of the factors that may affect the outcome of the decision are education, government, economy, climate and other things that have an impact on our living conditions. Toronto and Hong Kong are in fact two of the top ten ranked world cities for both livability and a place to do business. In some ways, Hong Kong and Toronto have many of the same qualities that make up a good country to live in as well as other qualities that distinguishes each country in their unique ways.

Toronto, the capital city of Ontario, has a population of 4881400 people compared to the population of Hong Kong in the 2001 census, which has a population of 730334 people.

Even though both places have a high population, democratic governments run them both. Toronto is composed of six communities: Toronto, North York, Scarborough, Etobicoke, York, and East York. On the other hand, Hong Kong is composed of many different communities and towns. The population of Toronto consists of people from different ethnic backgrounds such as Italians, Chinese, English, Americans, Indians, Black Americans, etc while the 98% of the population in Hong Kong are Chinese and only 2% are foreign. The official languages of Hong Kong are Chinese and English and the official languages for Toronto are English and French.

Education in Hong Kong and Toronto are both free and compulsory for students of age 4-16. In Hong Kong, the education system is divided into 4 separate levels: kindergarten (age 4-6), elementary school (gr.1-6), high school (Form 1-6), and university. Unlike the education in Toronto, which has 3 levels: elementary...