Tortila Curtain Explaination of the Rich & Poor Theme

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In this book we see two sets of characters, definable by poor and rich. The Mexicans being the poor, the Americans being the rich. Throughout the book there are examples of both sides trying to separate themselves from each other by building walls, but never to any prevail. It is inevitable that both sides intertwine with each other; they need each other even if they don't like to admit it.

There is the time when America and Candido's campsite got trashed by angry white people trying to separate the Mexicans from their country. This is a prime example of the wealthier white people trying to rid themselves of the less fortunate, the lesser of the pack. They wrote racial slurs and threatening messages to try and scare them away. These are examples of the denial of both sides that they need each other. "The way they'd attacked his harmless little bundle of things had real teeth in it, real venom.

They were dangerous and crazy and the parents who'd raised them must have been even worse-and what would've happened if they'd come in the night, when he and America were rolled up asleep in their blanket" (Boyle 84-85).

America needs the wealthy whites for her income. She has to work for a slob of a white man, polishing Buddha's and ending up getting ripped off for her labor. The poor end up serving the wealthy. The wealthy need the poor to get chores done they can't do themselves because they are busy with their career. The poor need the wealthy to pay them for the chores that the wealthy don't have time to do. So as much as neither side likes to admit it, they DO need each other, regardless of social class.

Delany's car is stolen. He is...