Total Quality Management

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Quality management has become one of the most important factors considered by the top management today. Managers place a lot of emphasis on quality today because of the demands of consumers who have become more knowledgeable about what they need and the value that consumers place on quality. The two main priorities that deal with quality are high performance design and consistency in quality levels.

Total Quality Management

Consumers place heavy emphasis on quality these days and they expect that the goods they have purchased either meet or exceed the levels of performance that have been advertised. Even in the service sector where tangible outputs are not produced conformance to specifications play a big role. The performance levels deal with factors such as on time delivery or response time for delivery companies such as FedEx or UPS. Consumers today believe in paying for a product according to the value it provides.

People do not want to pay high amounts of money for items that do not perform to the expected levels of performance these days.

In this case a customer will consider the features of a product or service and factors such as convenience or ease of use etc. The style, durability, reliability etc all play a big role when a customer assesses fitness for use. Warranties, guarantees or after sales service are the additional features that come with most products. If claims are delayed or the advertisements for a product are misleading then people do not really have faith in the product and may decide against purchasing it or even recommending it to any one else. People perceive a product even according to its psychological impressions, which include atmosphere, image and aesthetics. In technical product lines product quality is also judged on the basis of the knowledge...