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Good evening everyone, and welcome.

As you all know, my name is Kazuo Okamoto and I would like to thank you all - the staff of Toyota Motor Corporation and other guests from around the globe for joining me tonight. We are here to celebrate the launch of a new era for the automobile industry and Toyota, a world premiere of the all-new Toyota "iQ"- the smallest and most innovative 4-passenger car in the world.

First of all, I'd like us all look back on where Toyota first started and ask ourselves "what we can do right now for our customers and society?"Since Toyota's founding, we have engaged in business activities under the guiding principle of contributing to the development of a thriving society through the manufacture of automobiles. So for the next few minutes, I will tell you about the numerous aspects of the answer to the question posed--which is the "sustainability in three areas" concept.

It draws on technology, manufacturing, and social contribution; and the new "iQ" is a perfect proof of this concept.

In recent years, the situation surrounding the Toyota Motor corporations has changed considerably. One of the greatest changes is the increasing demand for corporate social responsibility to take on global environmental issues such as global warming, pollution, and resource depletion.

Faced with these issues, we have considered what responsibilities we can undertake and concluded that the answer lies in the "Toyoda Precepts", the counsel put forth by Sakichi Toyoda that has been passed down since Toyota was first founded. They say in part, that "one should contribute to the betterment of the earth and society in a concrete way by always remembering to be thankful, and through innovative technologies."Technology revolves around technological innovation that strives to realize sustainable mobility and focuses on...