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Collector toys are toys that have been around for many years or toys that have simply only been around for maybe less than a decade. Collector toys can be enjoyed by children of all ages, but are probably cherished more by the older people. Adults normally know that the condition a toy is in, can determine the amount that it is worth in the future. Collector toys are toys that are favored by people and they want more of the same toy, but in a different style. Collector toys people cherish are Matchbox cars, Beanie babies, and Barbie.

Matchbox cars have been played with by males of all ages. Young boys who had two or more matchbox cars would normally keep the cars in their pockets or keep the cars in a matchbox cars only case. Having a matchbox cars only case is good for young boys, mainly because the boys would want to fill up their cars and start collecting as many different cars as possible.

Collecting collectables, such as cars, young boys should be able to tell anyone, everything about every car. Knowing the history of what item is being collected is very important for the collector. Matchbox car would be a collector toy for young boys, but there are still some men who probably have a special edition matchbox car that they would cherish until the day they will die. Guys mainly collect matchbox cars but there are toys that both male and female collects.

Beanie babies became a very popular collector toy in 1996 by young boys, girls, and ladies. There are not too many guys that collect stuffed, beanie things. But, beanie babies are still collected by both genders. People started collecting beanie babies because these toys were small, cute, and affordable. For...