Tracing The Roles Of Women in Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe

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Group One: Tracing The Roles Of Women in Things Fall Apart

Okonkwo's attitude toward women and femininity:

P.16- "Okonkwo ruled his household with a heavy hand...and another was idleness.

o In this quote from TFA, the writer shows that Okonkwo views women, as well as his father along with men without any titles, as weak, flawed people. It is no coincidence that the name for a woman is also the name for a man who is not strong or brave enough to win any titles.

P.30- "Okonkwo was provoked to justifiable anger by his youngest wife...not even for fear of the goddess."

o In this quotation, Okonkwo shows that he does not care that it is the Week of Peace, but that he only cares his wife committed a wrong-doing by thinking of herself before her children, something he does himself countless times.

P.39- "As a matter of fact, the tree...pleaded

from a reasonable distance."

o This quote is used to explain Okonkwo's lack of respect for his wives. One of his wives had cut off a few leaves from a banana tree to wrap food, and he beat and almost shot her for the offense.

Okonkwo's inconsistent attitude toward women

P.72- "'Who is that?' he growled...into making the medicine for iba."

o In this quote, Enzima becomes sick, causing Ekwefi to come and wake up Okonkwo in the middle of the night. When Okonkwo hears of Enzima's illness, he leaps out of bed to go help her.

P.141- "One morning Okonkwo's cousin...but Okonkwo sat unmoved."

o This quote comes from the latter half of the book. Okonkwo is just learning of Nwoye's conversion to Christianity, as are the women. When the women start to talk excitedly, he does not yell at them. The character of Okonkwo at...