Trading law in Australia

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Do you think all retailers would support the relaxation of trading restrictions to allow for Boxing Day trading? Why/Why not?

In fact, New South Wales is not the first state which adjusts the restricted trading hour but Victoria is the pioneer. There was the research run by The McKell Institute published on May 2012 which analyzed Easter customer purchasing in Victoria. This study has proved that there is not enough evidence of the increase in customer spending on this day in comparison with normal days. Additionally, according to Andrew Toole, the president of the Dubbo Chamber of Commerce, trading on Boxing Day can does more harm than good because the profit will or may will not cover the massive increase in hiring employee. Furthermore, from the Bishop for the Diocese of Bathurst perspective, people would prefer spending time with their family to go shopping or keep running their businesses which they do continuously in the rest 360.5

days. As the result of these factors, it is strongly believed that not all retailers would support this proposal from Mike Baird

Under the Amendment Bill, retailers could only use employees who 'freely elected to work' on Boxing Day and on the restricted trading days. Why then were unions and other groups involved in the 'Take The Time' campaign concerned?

The most growing labour force at this time is casual worker who is the most vulnerable working force because the employee can hire and fire them easily without any obstacles. As a result of this, even the term "freely elected to work" has been used in the Bill, workers, especially casual workers, are being pushed to the dilemma which may costs them their upcoming shifts or even their jobs if they reject the "kindly" offer from their employers. Most of these workers...