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Young people today have an easy life: they have no responsibilities and make no contributions to the society in which we live.

Think what the world would become like without us, there would be no future, no hope for our younger generations.

We hold the responsibility of becoming the future leaders, inventors, engineers, and the general public. We have to take our lives and adapt them to this ever-changing world. Keep a focused mind on our goals. Teach the younger generations about the dangers of this world.

Now you're probably thinking that well that is in your future life but let me just say this we have been studying, working, training for this our whole lives. And can we be in charge. Well, my answer to this is yes we can do this and we will not give up now or to the end of our lives.

But we are ill equipped for this ever-changing world full of social networks and Internet distractions even stated by the times education

"Times Education ‏

Children ill-equipped for digital age"

This only the start of our lives as we get older, yes we will get more responsibility's but for now we have the responsibility of getting our lives sorted and becoming this troubled worlds leaders.

Some of us will leave school at the age of 16 but some will stay on the do a levels. The thing is it doesn't matter about degrees but about how willing you are to do this and how well you will do it. These are the keys to success, we will have to step up to our roles and our jobs but for now we have our chores and our lives to look after.

These all ties into my argument that we do have responsibilities in this...