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Training and development traditionally is to ensure employees are provided with knowledge and skills to perform in a specific function and adhere to outlined performance expectations. Training and development is considered a critical element for employees of all levels to ensure quality service and quality production is present within employees' job responsibilities. The level of an employees' role has determined the depth of training and development necessary for competency and the opportunity for advancement. Crafting a Coaching Culture (Boehle, 2007) is an article discussing coaching for an executive level manager, describing the mannerisms and impacts before and after development coaching began, including the recent and projected growth of coaching for organizations.

Before TrainingVincent Benoit described his previous leadership and management behaviors as "cynical, snooty, abrasive, and insensitive" (Boehle, 2007, p. 1, 1). "A pedigreed engineer… Vincent's education, background and technical abilities… garnered the respect… to manage 100-plus engineers and other staffers who report to him in his role as chief technical officer of TaylorMade-adidas Golf (TMaG)… Still, his people skills-or lack thereof-had ramifications…" (Boehle, 2007, p.

1, 2) Vincent tended to confuse his fellow executives not having an engineering education, offend his administrative staff, and employee turnover was common. "My idea of a reward was to let them keep their job." (Boehle, 2007, p. 1, 3)Coaching BeginsA few years ago Vincent started working with a certified coach within TMaG, and participated in personality analysis such as "Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and Hogan Personal Inventory to better understand his shortcomings, strengths and temperament" (Boehle, 2007, p. 1, 6). Initially he met with this coach every few months though four years later, they have developed a strategy. Every start of a new year they develop objectives that are reviewed twice a month which included training for the over 100...