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Trapping Many animals have been hunted for centuries, not only with weapons like a bow and arrow and a gun but also with traps. A trap is any device used to catch animals. Some of the traps are mechanical and have to be set with bait, like a mousetrap. The mechanical traps are normally triggered by a motion of the animals stepping either on to it or into it. Other traps lure animal into them.

Some of the oldest traps around are the pitfall and the deadfall. These traps are not used that much today except in very remote parts of the world. The pitfall is a hole that is dug into the ground and is covered with grass, sticks, and branches with bait nearby. When the animal steps on the branches it falls in the trap. The pitfall is used to catch elephants and other animals that cannot jump high.

These gut wrenching traps cause severe distress, fear, and pain to the animals. Body-gripping traps slam closed on and grip tightly on an animal's leg or other body part. As a result of these painful traps animal suffer lacerations, broken bones, and joint dislocation. As the animal struggles to get free, it sometimes chews off a leg to escape or breaks some of its teeth by biting the metal trap.

There are three different classifications for traps. The first is the 'live-capture restraining devices' that allow the release or harvest of the animals. The second is 'killing' devices that may result in near instantaneous death of the animal. The third includes traps that can function as 'live-capture restraining devices' or 'killing' devices. This just depends on how they were set though.

There are also traps for marine life. Common lobster traps are examples made from wooden slats that allow water in. Fish traps are very complex. The fyke net trap, is a succession of funnels linked by nets. White fish easily get in the funnels openings but find it hard to get out.

I hope by listening to me read this report that you will think twice about trapping animals. This is very painful to do to them. You are better off by just shooting them and putting them out of their misery. You will be a better hunter it you go out and hunt the animals instead of just sitting around and waiting for them to fall into a deadly trap.