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Evaluating Travel Websites

In today's computer age, products and services are easily accessible on the internet. The key to the internet, however, is to safely and effectively obtain information and conduct one's business. Virtually, any type of business imaginable has a presence on the internet with a myriad of merchant choices; the travel industry is no exception. Internet browsers can find travel sites containing world-wide information and purchase opportunities, as well as local information. (2006) and (2006) are examples of websites where shoppers can make travel-related purchases for virtually any location on the globe; these sites can be viewed in Appendixes A and B. (2006) is an example of a website containing travel, activities, and attractions specific to the Las Vegas area; their website can be found in Appendix C. Each of these three sites has their own distinct characteristics yet contain many similarities evident to the potential consumer.

The Websites

The company is a limited partnership, which offers an array of travel services through their website. When visiting the homepage the browser can find most of the travel information a shopper might desire at their fingertips. Some of the links and services that can be accessed on include hotel reservations, transportation, activities, travel packages, customer service, company information, and even employment opportunities. The website also highlights current travel discounts and Travelocity business affiliates.

The website is operated by Cendant Corporation and is part of Cendant Travel Distribution Services division. also offers an array of travel products and services, such as hotel and transportation reservations, leisure activities, travel packages, itineraries, customer service, company information, as well as career opportunities. "Orbitz' also partners with numerous businesses in industries, such as international and regional airlines,