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Essay by shanbananaA, June 2007

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In the global market in which some businesses operate, the uses of a website can open doors for increased profitability. When an organization operates through use of a website, consumers can access information provided by the organization at anytime. The hours of operation, unlike brick and mortar businesses increase to 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With the numerous websites and businesses on the internet to choose from the marketing strategies must take on a look and feel that can draw customers with navigational tools that make the shopping experience one of superiority. This paper will describe how the "look and feel" of three travel websites and how they differ from one another as well as evaluate the ease of navigation for each website.

Expedia, Inc.

According to Expedia, Inc. Company Profile (2007), "Expedia, Inc. is the world's leading online travel service and the eighth largest travel agency in the U.S."

(p.1). Expedia has won awards for its technology in expert searching and pricing capabilities and offers its customers the ability to build custom vacation packages, while enjoying the savings that Expedia bestows onto its customers. Through a venue of options Expedia.com presents an array of navigational tools, presented in an attractive format that allows the participant to explore destinations domestically as well as internationally.

Expedia's webpage effectively displays information by use of headers. The layout uses a variance of color to highlight topics. For example, when the customer has an interest in a romantic getaway, then exploring by interest would be an option and a lighter shade of blue is used to highlight the subject. Darker shades of blue provide the backdrop to picturesque scenes, which seem to draw the customer in. The customer merely points and clicks the icon and several tantalizing images offering romantic cruises,