Trends and challenges

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Trends and Challenges In today's market an organization must keep up with trends by promoting change in order to maintain a competitive edge. A trend is defined as the general direction in which something tends to move. Trends can be thought of in different lengths, such as, short, intermediate and long-term. A challenge is a test of a person's abilities or resources in a demanding but stimulating task. (, 2008).

This paper will discuss the existing trends and challenges in human resource management, the differences between a complete performance management system and annual performance appraisals, the advantages of managing turnover, contemporary safety and health management issues in the workplace, and finally, future trends and challenges in human resource management.

Performance Appraisal System vs. Annual Performance Appraisals Annual performance appraisals are less effective than performance management systems, which occur periodically throughout the year. The performance management systems allow for real time feedback throughout the year which is more effective in boosting employee performance.

Annual performance appraisals only occur once a year and allow for less action to be taken that is needed throughout the year. However, if annual performance appraisals are combined with performance management systems then the effect between employee and the company is beneficial rather than detrimental.

The informal aspect of performance management systems allows for ongoing feedback between supervisors and employees so changes can be made in order for the company to perform more efficiently. Performance management systems from a formal point of view include improvement action plans, coaching, and counseling. Coaching and counseling are two very good actions included in the formal aspect of performance management systems because they keep employees and supervisors updated on the efficiency of their departments and allow for changes that need to be made. Performance management systems that incorporate...