Trends in Human Resource Management

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The human resources department within a company is going through many changes and faces increasing challenges. In order to stay competitive in today's marketplace, companies will need to keep pace with the times and promote change in order to maintain a competitive edge. This paper reports on the new roles and responsibilities of human resources (HR) and how the profession is changing within an organization. First among these is maintaining a safe work environment and ensuring that safe work practices are taught, maintained and abided by. HR ensures that all requirements set by OSHA and any local and state guidelines are met within the organization. Next, the HR department or company is increasingly changing from an annual performance appraisal system to evaluate employee performance to a continual appraisal system. This continual performance management system takes the place of an annual evaluation method that has been shown to be ineffective at accurately measuring employees' performance.

Another improving area of the HR is the recruiting and hiring practices of an organization. Employee turnover can severely hamper a company and result in loss of income due to the resulting losses in production and services. These losses occur due to training costs and lower production of an employee who does not yet have the proper skills and talent needed to be fully productive. Finally, this paper will discuss the future trends and challenges of HR. More companies are outsourcing this function and turning it over to businesses that specialize in this increasingly demanding role. This means that HR professionals will need to be more productive and will have to have the skills and experience to meet the challenges of a global market.

Health and Safety

Every manager and employee wants a healthy and safe work environment. Prevention programs take many forms and may include...