The Trial of Hermann Goering, speak of crimes commited by germans in WWII.

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The crimes committed by the Germans during and before World War II were some of the worst crimes against humans that the world has seen. The Nuremberg Trials of November 1945 to October 1946 were documentations of the crimes the Nazis had committed such as the Holocaust. They were also the first war crimes trials conducted by the winners of a war. There were a total of twenty-one defendants. Included in these was Hermann Goering (Shaver, 1). This following is a study of his trial.

To understand the trial itself, you have to explore who Goering was as a person and what his roles in society were. He played a huge part in the government even before the war. Goering was a very prestigious field marshal in Germany. He, at one point, also served as Commander-in-chief of the German Luftwaffe (air force). He worked at training pilots (Tusa , 12, 497).

In 1928 Goering was elected to the Reichstag and he became president in 1932. Following January 1933 he was appointed Prussian Minister of the Interior as well as commander-in-chief of the Prussian Police and Gestapo. As you can see, he had many responsibilities to fulfill before the treacherous war even got started (Tusa, 496).

Now as war got closer, Hermann Goering began to get pulled into the plan that Hitler had for the world. He had a big part in all major military planning and was even named chief of war economy. Close personal connections with Hitler was a reason for which he held so many important positions (Taylor, 588). It was said that Adolph Hitler had even named Hermann the eventual successor as ruler of the Third Reich. He basically had most of the power and control next to Hitler (Tusa, 269). Goering was also a known involvement...