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The music was blaring as three vehicles pulled into my driveway. When I got into the jeep Wrangler I knew that this was going to be a great two weeks. I can't remember how we got there because I was having to much fun listening to my friends make fun of each other.

However, when we pulled into the long driveway we anticipated our arrival more and more. A great hotel stood before us. To the right, the sunset started to disappear behind the amazing mountains. To the left, a wonderful lake streamed to the side of the Chateau on the Lake. We pulled to the front entrance of the hotel and started to carry our bags toward the door when we were startled by bellhops. Before we knew it they took our luggage and escorted us inside. When my friend and I entered our room a rich vanilla fragrance spread through the room.

The evening light peered through the blinds that covered the French doors. In the middle of the bathroom sat a light blue Jacuzzi with large mirrors covering the back wall. Seeing the magnificent structure of the room and bathroom I thought to myself that I never wanted to leave.

That night music filled the hotel with the band's wonderful cultural music. An announcement was made, that a costume party will be held. The occasion was held to entertain people both young and old. It gave everyone a chance to interact with one another. Bright and beautiful costumes lit the room up and the excitement seem to rise as the night went on. Laughter and dancing filled the decorated dining room. A chandelier graced the room as a centerpiece. Spotlights and strobes maneuvered across the dance floor. The party lasted until dawn and by that time many people were half asleep, but didn't want to leave because everyone was having so much fun.

That same afternoon the summer weather seem to be heating up, so we decided to rent a boat for the day. The lake looked clear and sparkled at the tiny flicker of the sunlight. The sky was covered in clouds and in the distance you could see ducks flying over the lake. We spent that whole day searching the lake for anything that amused. We always enjoy laughing. In the evening we noticed that the mountains were vibrant with color, but the seemed to fade away as the morning fog rolled in. By the time we said our farewells to one another, we knew that it would be our last memory of us together for a long time. We promised each other that we would never forget our trip to Missouri and hoped to one day go back to our special place, the Chateau on the Lake. That resort was the only place where we really got to recapture all the good times we had together. We dreaded going home and as short as the trip seemed, the ride home seemed to last forever.

We knew that we didn't want to leave because the Chateau on the Lake was our home away from home.