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My family and I took a wonderful trip to Tennessee this past Summer. My family decided to travel the fifteen hours by car. We packed enough stuff into the car to last us all for a week. We began our journey late at night so the traffic wouldn't be that bad.

When we arrived in Tennessee we checked into a hotel where we could all get settled and make plans. Early the next morning, we went sight seeing.

Our first stop was, of coarse, every trinket shop in Tennessee. My mom loves to buy souvenirs. Knowing that everything that is purchased has to be packed up into the car for the trip home, my mom still buys every store out. We spent most of the first day in Tennessee on Shopping and looking through different stores. By late afternoon, we all decided to get something to eat and then go back to our hotel room.

The next day, we decided to travel to Memphis Tennessee, where we could visit Graceland. By the time we got there we were all starving so we bought our tickets and then got something to eat. When we were all done eating we went up to Elvis' house where we got the grand tour. The whole tour lasted about two and a half hours. When the tour of the house was over we walked around Graceland and looked at Elvis' plane, cars, and of course the souvenir shop on the way out. The whole family enjoyed the day at Graceland.

The next day we decided to travel to Middle Tennessee where our family is from.

Today was more of a relaxed day for us. We spent the whole day visiting family and places we used to go to. It was nice...